EMDR Level 1 Child Training

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Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility for this training requires that :

● At least part 1 / level 1 of an EMDR Europe Accredited UK or European generic (basic) EMDR Training has been completed. A certificate verifying this is required

● Please note - Accredited EMDR training from outside Europe will be considered as meeting this requirement – provided it is a recognised EMDR training by the appropriate EMDR accrediting body for that country

● Experience of using EMDR with children and/or adolescents under the age of 18 for a minimum of 2 years in a therapeutic capacity. Where this criteria cannot be met, a reference outlining alternative relevant experience may be considered

● The attendee must have on-going experience of working with children and/or adolescents under the age of 18 in a therapeutic clinical setting



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Please Note: The content of this specific training has certain components which all EMDR Europe accredited Child & Adolescent Training is expected to cover for the Accredited Child & Adolescent EMDR Core (Level 1) Training.

However, there is additional content taught during this training which is specific to EMDR Child & Adolescent training offered through the Child Trauma Therapy Centre by Susan Darker-Smith.

This training will cover

● The formulation in Children and Adolescents: defining targets

● History taking & Systemic working

● Delivering ABLS for younger children (breaking the rules)

● Creating timelines with children and adolescents to help formulate targets

● Safe Place & Resourcing with Children and Adolescents: an overview of DNMS & heart jar

● CIPOS – helping children to emotionally self-regulate

● The Developmental Modifications – adapting the standard protocol for children down to age 2

● Creating Narratives for traumatised children: when the child cannot tell the story

● IGTP : working with children and adolescents in group settings