Accredited Child & Adolescent EMDR Trainings are offered in a variety of geographical locations (including London, Chester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Bristol) through the EMDR Academy

  • The EMDR Academy

  • In-House Accredited Child EMDR Trainings (for Organisations & NHS Trusts)

    In-house trainings are also possible by agreement through the Child Trauma Therapy Centre.

    For further information about in-house accredited EMDR Child Trainings please email Sylwia at:

    The Child & Adolescent EMDR Trainings are taught by Susan Darker-Smith who is accredited as an EMDR Child & Adolescent Trainer by the EMDR Standards Committee and the content of the trainings are continually updated through guidance from the EMDR Association UK & Ireland Child & Adolescent Committee.

The Child & Adolescent EMDR Trainings are divided into two different levels :