The Child Trauma Therapy Centre is affiliated to the Trauma Response Network (TRN) UK - a trauma response service for mass trauma and terrorist attacks within the UK and affecting UK citizens across the globe.  

The TRN UK aims to respond to incidents of mass trauma within 24 hours, initially offering online stabilisation and psychoeducation and online stabilisation by trained EMDR clinicians who volunteer their time free of charge.  All clinicians at the Child Trauma Therapy Centre who are members of the EMDR Association UK & Ireland and who are EMDR Trained agree to offer their time free of charge to the TRN UK in the event of a further mass trauma event occurring within the UK. 

You can find out more about the TRN-UK here :

We also support the Child Humanitarian Initiatives Learning & Development (CHILD) which offers therapy to children who otherwise would struggle to access services. This is especially relevant for children who are being sexually groomed and trafficked, unaccompanied child refugees and children who have experienced extreme trauma whereby services may otherwise struggle to meet their specific needs. CHILD additionally seeks to provide education in child trauma for countries where there may not be the necessary expertise or specialism to help children experiencing trauma and endeavours to contribute to the field of mental health and traumatology by enabling research into child trauma to help find the answers to ensure all children recover from difficult life experiences.